Who we are?

Our Brand Story.
Global Step
" Where Fashion Meets Art "

At Global Step we make designs that are unique and can influence people around you when you flaunt them; So every step you take can be recognised.

Global Step is an Indian brand; At its foundation it is based on comfort & fashion while still meeting quality standards. All our products are handcrafted by our artists and most of our products are designed by our founders who are practically experienced in footwear.

"Let our Minimalistic designs shape and perfect every step you take." - Sameera Gobrani, Founder.

We are just Artists, who work hard to create product range that can fit your exceptional wardrobe. An Artist makes sure his/her hobby adds value to its clients that not only help clients influences people to achieve recognition but also appreciation to its creator. They are very possessive about their art and work. Global Step understands artist and values them.

"It is believed that a piece of art is incomplete without signature of its creator." - Shariq Gobrani, Managing Director.

We mark Excellent Craftsmanship and Quality Check by emborsing Our Brand name "GlobalStep" on the insole's of Each Footwear.


Founded by Sameera, with over a decade of retail expertise, GlobalStep's journey in the footwear industry began as a dream of global retailing. Sameera meticulously selected artists who shared her vision of excellence. In 2010, the brand launched its inaugural collection at Reliance Trends, garnering support as a well-wisher. From there, GlobalStep strategically expanded, establishing shop-in-shops at over 100 retail outlets. Remarkably, the brand achieved this growth while remaining entirely bootstrapped. Today, GlobalStep stands as a testament to disciplined progression in the competitive footwear market.